Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ysolda Scroll Lace Shawlette - blocking!

I finished my Ysolda Scroll Lace shawlette last night and it is now blocking on my exercise mat.
Sorry about the flash photography!
It stretched alarmingly on contact with water and in my mother's words "You could riddle corn through it"! However, I managed to push the stockingette together as I blocked, while opening out the lace.
Nevertheless, it is a very open gauge and I would probably go down a needle size next time. I could barely fit it onto my mat!
It's more of a long scarf than a shawl.
I ran out of yarn while casting off and had to use a toning oddment from another project, which was disappointing. I had already adjusted the shaping from row 28 onwards to cut out four rows and save yarn. But I am certain this was because I lost yardage on a previously-frogged project on this yarn.
Watch this space for modelled shots!


tea and cake said...

I was just going to switch off and get on with some work, when I noticed your lovely shawlscarf! Isn't it beautiful?!

RooKnits said...

oooh, it is so very pretty :o)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Yummy :P And possibly more wearable with it being more scarf-like? Either way, yummy!