Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An FO and a new project: Mad Budgie Socks

Hellooooo! (Note cheerful intro - I am determined to be cheery today!) Thanks to all who commented over the last few days - really, it's great to feel there are people out there who are on my / our side through it all. FL is still coughing but I am allowed to kiss him now (no more cold sores!) so life is happier. He goes back to the GP on Thursday for a check up and probably a third type of antibiotic unless things improve soon. The fear is always pneumonia... since we don't seem to have swine flu around here! Of course all that could change when the kids get back from Hackney... but enough of this doom and gloom! Bring on the knits!

I have been knitting and sewing – did you ever think I would be doing anything else?!

I finished the Metropole in a Sidewind socks (better pictures will follow once I recruit a male model.)

I have sewn half a pair of trousers. (Or half-sewn a pair of trousers.) Nothing to show until I finish them (next weekend?)
I have fondled my Manos Silk Blend, with a view to Moonstone. So soft!

And I have cast on for another pair of Stephanie Van der Linden’s socks – this time the “Nordic Inspired” ones, which I have termed the Mad Budgie Socks over on Ravelry.
Not much to see on the upper foot , a bit more action on the sole!

When I was a child, my mother had a budgie called Pip. My favourite game was to play-fight with him. I used the stopper-end of a knitting-needle to bop him (gently!) on the beak, and he used to bop me right back, making “liquorice allsort eyes” and cackling manically. If you have a budgie, do try it – its great fun and exercises your bored caged bird too! If you don’t have a budgie, you could try poking a small child with a knitting needle, but don’t blame me if they cry or poke you right back.

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RooKnits said...

I'm loving the mad budgie socks - wonderful colours. Now you've got me thinking about my stalled Harika socks... Hmmm. I seemed to have survived Hackney this morning without anyone coughing or sneezing on me, fingers crossed the kids have too.