Thursday, July 23, 2009

FO: Skirt (Failure)

I returned home from holiday with lots of sewing plans, and things seem to start well with a quick skirt project.

I was using a metre of black “cavalry twill” which I originally bought to make Old-Town style trousers, but didn’t have quite enough. I noted that it was good heavy fabric and thought it would make a robust everyday skirt for work. So I used the skirt design from the same pattern as my wide-legged trousers. It is a very simple a-line pattern – a back, a front and a yoke. Easy!

However, I hadn’t realised how easily the material was going to fray. Just sewing it up caused the side seams to shred. No problem, I thought, I will use a grown-up finishing technique and bind my seams. This photograph shows the skirt before I bound the seams. A bit too short and waitressy, but wearable, I thought.

Except… my chosen binding was too stiff.

Imagine a triangular skirt with coathangers inserted in the side seams so that it sticks out at a 45-degree angle from the waist…? Yup, that’s the one! Anyone know a size 10 clown in need of a short black skirt?

And I knew that unpicking the binding would reduce the seams to tatters. So it went straight in the bag for the charity shop without spending so much as a night in the wardrobe.




Bryony Ramsden said...

Oh no! :( Nevermind - lesson learnt never to buy that fabric again. Such a shame as when I looked at the photo before reading, I wondered why on earth it would be a failure :(


Brother Ted said...

couldn't find an email. hate to be so public about this. noticed that you visit andre. thought you might have some news.

Roobeedoo said...

Brother Ted - I know no more than you. We are really quite concerned after a week of nothing. But I think Ed would post if there was any change. Continuing to hope...