Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Japanese Inspiration

I thought I would share some delights from the new Japanese sewing books which are winging the way towards me.

The first book is called "Sewing Lesson" by Machiko Kayaki.

I bought this one on the strength of these two lovely dress patterns, but scouring the web I have discovered it contains many more beautiful designs.

I plan to make this one in some Anna Maria Horner fabric I snapped up in the Eternal Maker's Moving Day Sale.

The second book is called "Stylish Dress volume 2" and I was undecided for a while, as the patterns chosen by the Ebay Seller to show were lovely but very similar to others I already have. However, a swift web search uncovered a great review of the book by another blogger here. There are so many things I want to make from this book!

Both of these to start with!

So as soon as I get back from Perthshire, I will be back at my sewing machine. Making my own clothes has started to look exciting again!

By the way, I just found a fantastic guide to using Japanese patterns here, which I strongly advise you to read if you are nervous about trying them out - go on, it's not that hard!

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