Monday, July 06, 2009

Online fabric sources

I am always on the look-out for good UK-based online fabric shops, and since I am away this week I thought I would share my latest discoveries, without the temptation to click my own links!

You probably already know about the Eternal Maker - but did you know they are having a Moving Day Sale until 31 July? I ordered two dress lengths on a Wednesday afternoon and they arrived on Thursday morning - seriously!

But you might not know about Saints and Pinners? A much smaller stock, but they have some really interesting fabric packs - I especially like the Boat Folk collection (above left).

But my very latest discovery is Fabric Inspirations, which has an absolutely HUGE selection of fabrics. I was scouring the web for civil-war reproduction fabrics, thinking the dull tea-dyed-type colourways would make fab Jane Austen-esque dresses. But could I find what I had in mind? Nope. Not until I fell upon this site - where there is an entire section devoted to reproduction fabrics - including some gorgeous Thirties-style prints. I have spent hours in the "Retro & Funky" section!

And last but not least, I tracked down the elusive "Snippets" range at Quilter's Cloth. A slow website but it promises fast delivery! Wouldn't you love an apron made out of this doll's clothes fabric? (Or is that just me?!)


tea and cake said...

me, me, me, please! for the apron. Hope the holiday is going well?

RooKnits said...

That's mean - enabling when you aren't even there to click your own links :o)
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday.