Friday, July 03, 2009

Packing list

So... we are off on holiday tomorrow with my aged mother and the ungovernable dog - should be interesting!

My hula hoop arrived and my daughter and I can both make it spin - woo hoo! So that is definitely going in the car (round the dog?!) And there will be my son's skateboard and FL's golf clubs. And some board games.


Metropole in a Sidewind
I am grafting the back of the first Metropole sock - it should have been done, but my provisional cast-on was too persistent and took me forever to unpick. I must have done it wrong again. I might have time to post a picture before we set off!

Trilobite Socks
Despite all my best intentions, my son didn't try on the first Trilobite sock until it was complete... and it won't go over his heel! However, it is a perfect fit for FL so I hope to get on with sock 2 on holiday. Hmmmm... need to identify a replacement sock for my son.

New projects...?
I definitely want to have some special "holiday" knitting, so I am packing a couple of new projects which are still only half-planned.

I am thinking of the Lavalette Shawl from Through the Loops - possibly in my last skein of Malabrigo sock. Did I tell you about the state of FK's Court Line socks after only 3 washes? They are in shreds! Malabrigo = NOT FOR SOCKS!

And then there's the Sloochie from Woolly Wormhead - the ideal combination of rasta and pixie hat! My precious skein of Dream in Color Classy is earmarked for this.


Once the oldies are asleep (!) and the kids are watching unsuitable tv, I hope to get uninterrupted reading time. I have The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt on top of the pile. I have wanted to read this since I first read a review and I was able to order it from the local library - woo hoo!

Another unexpected gem from the library is Sew It Up by Ruth Singer. I did some test sewing for Ruth's next book (Sew Eco) but hadn't seen her first book in real life until now. My initial impression is very positive - it is a manual of sewing techniques with a few projects scattered through. A really big book with loads of photos to show you how to sew properly - I can see I am going to learn a lot!

And of course I will take The Summer Book by Tove Jansson to re-read. I really love this book!

Out and About

But mostly we hope to be exploring Perthshire. I need to check out my paternal ancestors' gravestones in Weem churchyard. And FL needs to see his ancestor's tree and a Roman camp. There's the theatre to visit, and some gardens... I think we will find things to do! There are even several restaurants which have dairy-free options on the menu, so we might be able to eat out with the kids! (You don't know how hard this can be in Aberdeenshire!)

Have a good week!


blue hands said...

Have a LOVELY holiday! xx

Penny said...

Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

Ed said...

I hope you're having an excellent holiday. Thanks for all your support.

Ed(& Andre)