Friday, July 31, 2009

This weekend

This weekend – ah I had such plans! FL is going to Braemar to “golf” with his pals, so I am home alone. He is now on his third course of antibiotics but still up and about.

I was going to drive into town and get my hair cut (short) and possibly dyed (purple) and then go to the city’s only wool shop (never been there before), eat cake somewhere nice, then go home and sew and knit. Lovely!

Then… on Wednesday night my car broke down. I was pootling along quite happily when it cut out. Just cut out, leaving me coasting down a hill with a dashboard full of red lights. Not just any old hill, but straight into the local accident black-spot, due to the combination of a blind triangular junction, a sharp bend, and an uneven road surface... just at the point where all the boy racers are accelerating onto the fast back road in blue Subarus. Aargh! I managed to steer myself into the layby (which was no doubt built for the recovery vehicles which attend this spot on a daily basis!) and called my breakdown service.
Almost an hour later I was “fixed” by a rather stern chap who obviously thought I didn’t look after my car properly. Apparently my distributor cap and rotar arm are badly corroded and it should have been picked up in my service. (Service?! Well I had one last year…?) His receipt said “ADVISE NEW CAP” except I read it as “ADVISE NEW CAR” - eek! Panic over, but still it meant I was not supposed to go gallivanting around the countryside in my vehicle until it was repaired. They wouldn’t recover me free of charge next time. Sigh.

So what did I do? I drove to work on Thursday. Errr... fine. Came out of work at 5pm, into the rush hour traffic on the A90... and broke down. Oh yes. In the outside lane. Panic! I sat there for a while with my hazard lights on feeling sick, when suddenly, a chap I have seen at work but don't know appeared at my window and offered to push me into the side of the road, where there was luckily a driveway (despite the bus lane!). Oh my knight in tweedy armour! Whoever you are - thank you thank you thank you!

I knew I couldn't have another "recovery" on my policy, so rang FL. It took him an hour to reach me. I thought he could tow me to the nearest car park and abandon the car there. But no, he started the car and decided he would drive it home. Except he only got as far as the dual carriageway before it ground to a halt again. So we had to ring the recovery agents and pay £120 for a home recovery. By the same guy as the night before - oh the mortification!

Two nights in a row it was dinner at 10pm. I have taken a day's leave today to calm down. I will sew and knit and walk the dog.

So… no car this weekend. And the wool shop is closed for a fortnight’s holiday anyway. (eh?! Don’t they realise the city is heaving with Homecoming tourists this month and they might do some serious business?)

The new plan: bake cake, sew and knit. It’s not SO bad!


RooKnits said...

A good philosophy - there is no reason you can't have tea and cake and sewing and knitting at home. However I don't advise cutting your own hair - I did this once. It was a mistake - however I did used to dye it purple on a regular basis when I was 16 :o)
Have a lovely weekend.

RooKnits said...

Ps. LOVING the socks, the colour combination and everything.

GrannyPurple said...

Purple hair I find to be a guaranteed spirit lifter. And my DH says its cheaper than V1agra. Go for it!

Cecelia said...

The car gods are definetely telling you to stay home this weekend. Watching those socks progress is very exciting! :)