Monday, August 31, 2009

FO: Sock-Project Box Bags

Since I developed project-attention-deficit-disorder, the arm of the sofa has become home to several single socks and knits-in-progress. I actually don't know where my daughter's red and black Staccato sock has got to, but it is in my lovely sock project bag that Roo made me. Oops!
I realised that these half-finished projects were in serious danger of becoming moth-bait. There a lot of moths around this year. Hence the lavender harvesting activities!
So this weekend I set aside some time to make a couple of box-bags, using the excellent instructions on this blog. I really like this shape and style of bag for so many things: cosmetics, pencils, socks!
I could have bought some from etsy, but that seemed like such a cop-out. In fact, they were really easy to make and I made them both, production-line-style, in less than 2 hours.
There are no raw edges to be found. Each bag is fully-lined and the outer fabric interfaced. The only visible seams are bound with spotty yellow bias-binding. I finished the zip pulls with a detatchable stitchmarker (also home-made!)
The Mad Budgie socks are in the Birdseed bag, and the Freshman socks are in the Foxglove bag. I kind of overlooked my Mulled Wine sock, which is still bagless. Must get it finished!
Box Bag from Rousabout Vera's instructions.
28cm by 33cm of four fabrics made two bags, each being big enough for a 2-skein sock project, dpns etc. The same size piece of interfacing - I found some of the woven type which added a lovely textured crispness. Each takes a 30cm zip and two short lengths of bias binding.
Foxglove fabric from Westminster Fabrics, lined with pink gingham. Birdseed fabric by Alexander Henry, lined with Liberty Millie tana lawn. Spotty binding from Favourite Fabrics at Ebay.
Verdict? I will definitely be making more of these!


blue hands said...

great bags! I can never get organised to make something to make another project easier. In fact I must get off the internet and go make the trousers I promised myself I'd start today.


Alison said...

so cute I love them, now if only i had time to make some. Scratch that if only i had time to knit, a new baby has defintly haulted my knitting!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Sweet! You could make a small business out of those you know :D

Lisa said...

These are lovely! I must check out the pattern and make one. The arm of my sofa is also home to numerous mini projects at the moment!