Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knitting Progress (with asides)

Hey - thanks to everyone for your supportive comments - very much appreciated! (Especially the rude ones which made me laugh!) If I haven't been to your blog to thank you personally, it's nothing personal, honest.
As you will have gathered from my garbled post (which showed my state of mind), Tuesday’s hospital appointment was a mess and dragged on forever. We waited 2 hours to be seen and then we were all over the place: downstairs to x-ray, back to Haematology, back to x-ray, back to Haematology. Four hours in total. I am SO glad I had FL’s Freshman sock on the needles! I am now almost at the heel flap of sock one. If he opts for Velcade, (and indeed if he refuses it) I will be spending a lot of time at the hospital in September and October, so I am planning my Christmas sock-knitting menu. A sock is the easiest thing to knit in a waiting room – small, portable, instantly put-downable.
I don't think I explained that I have added 6 stitches to back and front of the sock (12 in total) to fit FL, and so the leg will be 12 rows longer to accommodate my stretched adapted spiral. Do you see how the Lorna's Laces is pooling, exactly on the point of the spiral? Cool! (I bet it doesn't happen for sock two!)
Back home, and the Aestlight shawl is progressing fast. I am on the final pointy border, which is knit sideways off the main body of the shawl – fantastic! I take a childish delight in knitting in odd directions! This photo is a much better colour than the last one, which was deceptively bright.
I suppose you have all seen the Damson shawl on Ysolda’s blog? Mmmm! I can’t see me avoiding that one, or the High Line from Through The Loops, which will be for my daughter, though probably not in worsted weight and probably not so large. If she is lucky I might break out the Wollmeise for her... I am becoming a shawl-obsessive! How did that happen?

After wet- blocking my lime green swatch for the Central Park Hoodie, I was all set to go… when I unpinned the dry swatch and it pinged itself into a perfect diamond-shape. Every stitch seemed to have a big side and a little one and the whole thing was severely warped. Noooo! I consulted RooKnits and she reckons it is to do with the spinning of the single ply. I knew that this yarn was going to felt when I bought it, but I hadn’t thought about the unravelling back-spin! The best solution seems to be to pre-wash the yarn. As it is in balls rather than skeins, there will have to be some winding. Oh boo hoo! Another project stalls. However, it is rather exciting to work with such a “raw” product and this yarn was such a bargain, I am determined to make it work.

What happened to Moonstone? Nothing yet! And I am worried that the bag of yarn is on the windowsill, open to moth invasion. I must crack on with that once Aestlight is finished. I seem to like having one project on circular needles, and one on dpns at any one time – any more and I start to panic!

Talking of moths, my herb garden is in full bloom, with a full crop of lavender to harvest sometime soon. Woo hoo!
I still haven't finished the weeding (Forth Road Bridge jokes abound), but the packet of "Edible Flower Mixture" that I threw at the gaps has come up fast and is also in full bloom - more woo hoo! There is a mystery flower which looks like a paintbrush dipped in dark red paint which is stunning - I must identify it and grow more next year. Could it be "Indian paintbrush"? Off to have a search...

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RooKnits said...

I am back to imagining pictures at work - so apologies for the lack of comment on knitted items... however you have made me purchase Damson - fabulous.