Monday, August 03, 2009

Mad Budgie progress

I am really enjoying knitting my Mad Budgie socks. As little as 5 rows makes such a difference to overall progress.

The yarn is from the deepest depths of the stash, being from the now-extinct Curious Yarns. It is a standard wool/nylon mix in the colourways Sprung (lemon/lime) and Neptune (teal). I have been saving these semi-solids for the perfect two-colour project and this is it!

It is probably a good time to confess to making it up as I go along, in respect of the overall construction. I managed to decipher enough of the German original (Ravelry link) to deduce that you were supposed to start with a provisional crochet cast-on and knit the foot section first, bottom up, and only add the toe at the end. This would allow you to adjust the foot length as if you were knitting a normal top-down sock.

However, my recent adventures with Wendy’s toe-up sock book led me to conclude that I could use the toe recipe from the Trilobite pattern, increasing until I had 70 stitches, then knit the birdie upper foot and sole charts as written, then add the short row heel from the Dead Simple Lace sock, to produce a sock that looks pretty much the same as Stephanie’s original, if not an exact reproduction. And I reckoned it would fit!

I haven’t yet decided whether or not to knit a picot cuff. Watch this space!

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Bryony Ramsden said...

Still looking good! Love love love :D