Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New project: Aestlight Shawl

After finishing my aubergine trousers, I was keen to make something to “go” with it. Oh Miss Matchy-Matchy! I have fabric to sew a top… but it had to be pre-washed and I am unsure about my pattern choice, so this is on hold while I ponder.

Instead, I took myself by surprise and cast on for an Aestlight Shawl, using my last skein of Malabrigo Sock, in the Eggplant colourway. I hadn’t been particularly struck by this shawl pattern until I saw a few versions using two colours of yarn instead of one – suddenly the design came to life and stopped looking so… authentically Shetland. Instead of having a reverential “homage to the past” feel, the two-colour version looks decidedly modern. Much better!

The central garter stitch triangle is a relaxing knit, with the subtle variations of the Malabrigo keeping it from being too plain. I plan to knit the lacey border in leftover Fyberspates Echo sock in the Flower Garden colourway – I hope I have enough! My Spring Forward socks have faded badly in the wash, so I am hoping that a shawl will suffer less wear and tear and I will be able to enjoy the colours a lot longer.


Bryony Ramsden said...

I had some Fyberspates Alpaca and Silk from years ago that faded a lot in washing, but the yarn stayed sturdy and true, and I'm still wearing the socks today. More than you can say for some luxury fibres.

And I'm intrigued by the shawl - this should be very interesting :)

zombiecazz said...

that's a pretty shawl. I always love the look of shawls, I ust now I'd never wear one, but seeing it wrapped around her neck really inspired me....So I've started a cat's paw one to wear around my neck. :o)