Sunday, August 23, 2009

On bargains.. and otherwise

When is a bargain not a bargain? Listen to Roobeedoo, my friends - if you see some wool at a ridiculously bargainous price on, say, Ebay... think before you buy.
Is it a brand name? Is it in perfect, ready to use condition? Is it fit for the purpose you intended?
Exhibit A: a partly-wound ball of green yarn. But look a little closer - what are those strange spirals appearing down the length of unwound wool?
Oh my - why is it trying to spin back on itself to make a two-ply yarn?
Oh ME oh my - what is that tangled mess at the end of the thread?!
What you see here is the worst of 8 lumps of tweedy wool which I wound from hard oily balls into skeins, soaked in woolwash, and rinsed in the washing machine - because I wanted it to do its worst before I knitted it into a garment.
Believe me, the worst is pretty bad! It didn't felt - in fact it seemed to be lovely and sproingy and utterly knittable until I started to try to turn my skein back into a ball. Then THIS happened!
I am not sure I have the patience for this project. This little bit of winding took a whole evening. I had no sooner untangled a couple of metres than it spun back on itself and became hopelessly tangled again.
Does anyone know what to do to fix this yarn? Or is it a dud? And am I am darned fool for a bad bargain?!


skytender said...

How frustrating! It's such a beautiful colour as well.

RooKnits said...

Oh no. That is some Ruth luck...

Luinelen said...

It seems to have too much twist for a single yarn. You could ply it, to make it the two-ply it wants to be. But that of course would require a spindle or a spinning wheel (I can't remember if you have mentioned having one). If you can manage the single well enough to knit it, stitch patterns with roughly equal amounts of knits and purls (for example garter, seed stitch, most ribs) should counteract the biasing.