Sunday, August 16, 2009

A weekend in knitting

This weekend I immersed myself in knitty goodness. I worked a lot on the Aestlight Shawl and am pleased to say it is going well. I have just completed the Birds Eye Lace border in my contrasting yarn (Flower Garden colourway of Echo sock from Fyberspates) and the overall effect is very autumnal and fruity.
FL has his regular hospital appointment this week, and his GP reckons he should have another chest x-ray, as he has been suffering from new pains which have been waking him at night. He hasn't been able to golf and is very tired.
So I needed a waiting room project. This is the Freshman sock from Knitscene Fall 2009. I am using one skein each of Lorna's Laces (Gold Hill colourway) and brownish Sunbeam St Ives sock, knitting them in alternate rows to blend the colours. More autumn hues!
And I swatched for the Hoodie from Knitscene too. This is pure wool tweed from Art Thou Woolly on Ebay. I chose an aran weight by mistake - the pattern is for chunky wool. However, I am pleased with this yarn. I just need to find a different project for it. In the ball it is hard and oily, but after a soak in warm water and woolwash, it "bloomed" beautifully and the fabric shrank only in length, not width. The Central Park Hoodie perhaps?


RooKnits said...

Oooh, yes - a CPH would be wonderful. It is going to be my next knit after the Heather Hoodie. I have some red aran and some purple aran which I both have earmarked for a CPH. Not sure how I'm going to choose.
I'm loving the socks. What a good idea to alternate skeins. The Aestlight shawl seems to be the project of the moment in blog world. Loving the edging!

zombiecazz said...

shawl is looking good. lovely colours. I've just completed the first set of cat's paw lace on my shawl.

Love the green. I love the Central park hoodie. It's one that I'd love to have a go at.

Susie Hemingway said...

Wishing you loads and loads of luck today, will be thinking of you and praying all will be well. Yes, how everything you say on my blog does indeed make such sense...I really don't wish to believe there is little more that can be done without the awful damage that will incur with more chemo,I know that this is indeed a balancing act now, how difficult it is, to standby and do nothing but quality of life is not so bad at minute, still watching those counts rise and rise! Very best wishes to you and thanks for your as always great input.