Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to Central Park

This week I returned to my Central Park Hoodie and the Lime Green Tweed Of Doom.

You may remember I wound one skein before losing patience? I decided to make a start on the hoodie with that one ball, in the hope I would be swept along by the momentum of knitting and find the energy to wind the rest of the yarn. And so far, it is working - hooray!

This is just over one skein's-worth of yarn. I am knitting size 36, in one piece up to the armholes.

I persuaded my daughter to help me wind skein two and is was SO easy! Maybe there was just one rogue ball? Fingers (and cables) crossed!

Meanwhile, FL is not well. His cold has once again gone to his chest and he can't lie down without having a fit of coughing. So he sits up all night and is worn out the next day. He will have to wait til Tuesday to see a Doctor as it's another local holiday up here tomorrow.
He is really low. Maybe we should have gone for the Velcade this month after all, as I worry he might not be strong enough in October. Sigh. No golf or whisky today - he doesn't have the energy.


zombiecazz said...

I'm so jealous. I'm in love with your hoodie already.

Hugs to FL

Lacewing said...

The sweater looks lovely. Glad you gave it a go, it would have been a shame to waste such a pretty green tweed.