Monday, October 19, 2009

A day trip to Edinburgh

The Girl and I took the early train to Edinburgh on Saturday. She had never been there and wanted to "do" the goth shops of our capital city. There are lots of them!

We started with breakfast at Peter's Yard, as recommended by Cornflower. Sadly, all the sandwiches and cakes contained butter, so my daughter (dairy allergic) had to settle for artisan bread and jam. I was surprised they couldn't rustle up a non-dairy bacon baguette for her, but apparently they had used all the bacon (at 10.30am!). I had coffee and a cinnamon bun - mmm!

I bought bread and Cloudberry jam to take home - ooooh!

Then onwards to Candlemakers and the Grassmarket and Cowgate and Canongate... with detours into sidestreets to peer into "closes". I loved the shop window at Barnardo's Vintage on the West Bow!
We spent perhaps two minutes in K1Yarns which is very pretty, but is what it says on the window "a boutique knitting shop". The shelves were half-empty, which seemed odd for the only (I think) yarn shop in Edinburgh. I could have bought a Zauberball, or some Fyberspates sock yarn, or even some Jamieson's shetland marl chunky...? But I didn't.

We stopped for lunch at a cheap Italian cafe where the Girl got her BLT and I had a salad.

Then we ogled a designer jewellery shop, Rene Walrus, where the shop assistant (the designer?) was a real live glamourous goth. I wanted to tell her that her whole look was inspiring to my daughter, and could I take her photo? I was in disguise as a tourist and had no shame. But I was dragged away by a mortified Girl. Her eye make up was incredible, like a bird of paradise, with deep purple and black swirls extending out to her jet black coiffure. And her clothes!? WOW. Oh and the jewellery was pretty special too!

We got the train home at 4.30, SO tired, but it was worth it! FL doubted that it was worth going all that way for a loaf of bread and a pot of jam, but I beg to differ!


zombiecazz said...

what fun. I spent a good 5 years in Edinburgh. I get down there fairy regularly for work, but never have time to wander.

Helen said...

With you regarding K1. But next time you're in Edinburgh head to McAree Bros - a proper wool shop!!