Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have had a couple of days off work to entertain the kids at half-term. Actually, my son doesn't want my sort of entertainment and is happy with Broadband and a ready supply of ginger beer. My daughter, on the other hand, was happy to learn how to use the sewing machine to make a black tablecloth in Round One of Goth-Up-Ya-Room*. Oh my!

Please don't examine the background too closely - we are in dire need of a trip to the recycling bins!
I am knitting Aira - it's looking good! I hope to finish very very soon.
And we went to see the new version of Fame! at the cinema. And I cried, of course. So we need to watch the first version on dvd to compare the two. Now my daughter wants to go to the NY High School Of the Performing Arts - hooray! Exactly my dream at her age! Just as long as she knows it isn't actually going to happen...
And I have read two books. Swallowed them whole. Cried myself to sleep. Fantastic! That's what a good book is all about, a spot of catharsis. But that's another post.
* Goth-Up-Ya-Room? My daughter wants to paint her walls black and turn her sunny childhood bedroom into a goth bat cave. I draw the line at painting the walls black, but we are working on accessories...!


Kate said...

good for her! I remember gothupyaroom. My sister painted her bedroom entirely black, and it was indeed a batcave of doom. I adopted a different approach, and invited my friends round to spray paint my bedroom furniture (without informing my parents). We went ape with the purple paint. . . and I well I remember my mother calling 'what on EARTH is that smell?' from downstairs . . shortly before hell broke loose . . .

looking forward to hearing about the books.

zombiecazz said...

how about an accent wall. I fancy blood red with stenciled on black roses.