Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fresh and Shiny

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The sun is shining today and I am so much happier. Ridiculous that I let the weather drag me down.

At the weekend, I rearranged my stash (again!) to make sure it was still mouse-free, and felt all the better for it. Now all the odds and ends are in one box and the fresh and shiny new sock yarn has a plastic tub all to itself. Inspiring! The sock-yarn-leftovers blankie now seems possible, as do 24 pairs of new socks (err yes...)

I also fondled my Manos Silk Blend and decided it needed to be knitted into something glamourous, not a frumpy old-lady cardi (aka Moonstone). By chance, my ex-sis-in-law was looking for help finding a pattern for her mum to knit herself a bedjacket, and I found this. OOOOH! Top of the queue! There is a gorgeous version on Ravelry by Tadtwister using just three skeins of Manos. I really fancy a silky woolly kimono to lounge about in, in my fantasy watertight bedroom!

Then yesterday I found a colourful new blog to browse: Attic24. I am probably late to the party on this one, but I had a very happy lunchbreak browsing the archives. And becoming besotted by stripey armwarmers along the way! Now weighing up the options: pay £15 to buy them ready-made, or fiddle about with a gazillion yarns with ends to darn in and colour-matching decisions...? Definitely one for the Christmas wishlist!

FL has cheered up a lot since Monday. He says his back is noticeably painful, and he is having difficulty straightening up properly. Deep-breathing is uncomfortable. But he thinks that Dexamethasone is a wonderful thing, and can he take it every day please?! I tried to explain that it is not a recreational drug, and is almost certainly the cause of the atrophy of his leg muscles, but he thinks he ought to be allowed the level of energy it brings, on a daily basis. Eek! Thank goodness it is a prescription-only drug! And he has to admit that the post-Dexy crash of Monday morning was NOT a wonderful thing!
I am just debating whether or not to meet him at the hospital tomorrow. His 12.30 appointment is hard to fit with my day job, so we are thinking he might drive himself there and back for the first time. But I could be there for him in the waiting room, for moral support. I will definitely want to be there is he is going to see a doctor. Decisions, decisions.
Oh - almost forgot - a new-to-me Myeloma blog. Lisaraniray. Absolutely extraordinary writing. If she doesn't get an offer from a publisher, I will eat my armwarmers.


Gabrielle said...

*drool* That bedjacket is lovely and there is really a 3 skein vesion out there? Okay off to take a peek!

I hate to be the fly in the ointment (it must be very difficult for you at work) but is FL going to be okay with the drive if he has got problems with feeling in his legs and problems his back?


Susie Hemingway said...

Glad to read that Fl is going on ok now, although with a painful back, busy times for you. Must be so difficult fitting in everything with your job etc, best wishes for the coming weeks.

RooKnits said...

Gorgeous cardigan, I one very similar today (on someone in the street) but it had the pattern from Alice's fiori du zucca as the lace. I followed this person for much longer than necessary to get a good luck. Don't think it was a handknit, but it was lovely.
Hope all goes well tomorrow. xxx