Sunday, October 11, 2009

Testing times

Not much knitting to show today!
I have started test-knitting Aira for Lily, and it's going well, despite not having circular needles in appropriate sizes. I am using dpns with stoppers on the ends to prevent the stitches falling off. A trick I only thought of after several unfortunate incidents.
I am liking the yarn (Mountain Colors Bearfoot) though it is rather more variegated than it looked in the skein.
In other news, FL is back at golf this weekend so is much happier. However, I checked Voicemail for the first time in weeks and discovered that the hospital had left three messages on the 21st September, asking him to get in touch because they had given us the WRONG DATES FOR TREATMENT!
I cannot tell you how FRUSTRATING this is, as I have already had to change my work appointments twice. The latest version suggests that we have to be at the hospital on Tuesdays and Fridays. Not Mondays and Thursdays! FL will be ringing them tomorrow to ask for a final decision on the days and dates, before I irritate the Secretary any further.


amanda said...

This is so crappy. I feel very lucky that you agreed to test knit for us when you have so much on your plate. It's looking great btw!


Marie (Stashsiren - Ravelry) said...

It's been a while, but I just wanted to send you and FL very best wishes and to say that I understand a little of your frustration! I have been waiting for Neurosurgery, which has now been stretched out so long that I am actually having my op. a week on Monday (19th) at the Spire in Edinburgh as the NHS has a critical shortage of Neurosurgeons (!!!) It has dragged on forever, with many cancellations of appointments, but at least I do not have to do the travelling that you and FL do (which makes me concerned that they can't seem to fix a firm treatment schedule for your husband - the LAST thing he needs is to turn up for an appointment that has been changed yet again without your knowledge - grrrrrr)!

I would like to thank you Ruth for sharing your thoughts and creativity with us on your amazing blog - you are an inspiration and I wish your husband well for his treatment - I shall be thinking about you both until I can 'check in' with your news on your blog again soon, I hope!

CarpeDyem said...

Am so pleased to hear that FL is playing golf again

Looking forward to seeing the test hat!