Monday, October 26, 2009

Velcade Day Three and a new project

Fl was very tired at the weekend. We did the shopping between rain storms on Saturday and then he slept. On Sunday, his golf pal rang him and suggested 9 holes, so he was up and off. But it was a mistake - he had problems catching his breath walking round the course, and I am quite glad they were eventually rained off.
So a morose Sunday evening, followed by a depressed Monday morning. I drove him to the hospital and he hardly said a word - he didn't even want to stop for a newspaper.
He thinks his "concrete boots" are worsening. By this he means he is losing feeling in his feet. If this is true he may have to discontinue treatment as it is a sign of nerve damage. They did a blood test today. His Thursday appointment has been set for 12.30 so he might go on his own, or I might go to work first, then drive home at lunchtime to take him to the hospital. Not very convenient.
In happier news, I started the Biwa socks from "Knitted Socks from East and West" using Hazel Knits Artisan sock in Plum Glace. I love this yarn! I am very glad I have another three skeins in the stash!

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