Friday, November 20, 2009

45 Today!

I am 45 today. How did that happen?!
I celebrated with a haircut. A radical haircut. Rapunzel has left the building.
It had got to the point where I never wore it loose or even in a ponytail, it was just too long. I was Pippi Longstocking every Saturday and Sunday, and then back to the angsty bun on Monday - far too severe!
FL was worried. Well, I suppose I did say I was going to dye it purple too. That's for next time! Luckily, he really likes it... since I can't stick it back on!
I love it! I can feel it move around when I walk! It swishes!

Impressive self-portraits, huh?!

The postie was kind to me too! Roo sent me a fab personalised card and ooh! ooh! a lime green Herdy mug and notebook! They will be going to work with me on Monday to brighten up my desk.

The kids gave me some fancy mint tea, purple mascara (to match my hair?) and a pocket hairbrush - now that I will have to gasp brush my hair!

And FL gave me some £s to spend on new clothes - woo hoo!

Happy birthday to me! Middle age crisis? MOI?!


blue hands said...

Happy birthday! Hair is lovely.

emmms said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 45? Jesus, you've raised the bar pretty high -- and that haircut is too cute!

tea and cake said...

A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You! And, I love the new hair-do, it really suits you, and takes years off you, too. {Hugs}

Rilana said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

Phil said...

Happy Birthday and did you say 35?!?!?!

Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday!

The new 'do' looks great!

(As an aside, I had mine cut yesterday to about the same length as yours for exactly the same reasons and..., it was another unmitigated hairdresser disaster. I wanted (and asked for) exactly what you've got and instead I was given a disgusting layered mullet and despite being clear, instead of browns and blonde highlights...guess what? I seem to be rather on the russet side again.

So, okay, where did I go wrong - what did you ask for?

How comes you got the lovely, sleek long, simple bob and I was given the fat middle aged lady mullet - shoulder length - blow dried into a hideous, poufy, american newscaster do? Hurumph!

Steven L. Ritter said...

Happy Birthday to a new friend...

Hair cut looks great! Although I never saw you with it long or in a bun..

Hope you have a great day.

RooKnits said...

Absolutely LOVE the hair. Happy Birthday!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

belated happy birthday, the new hair "do" looks wonderful:)

Cecelia said...

You look like a teenager! Lovely!

tea and cake said...

Gabrielle - I had mine 'done' like that, too, once. I looked like Elizabeth Taylor in some mooviee, yuk! (excuse us, roobeedoo, won't you?)

Roobeedoo said...

You are excused!