Sunday, November 15, 2009

All squared

This weekend is brought to you mostly by... squares.

Two long-simmering projects have finally been started.

First up, some patchwork cushions for the front room. I have a Moda "Snippets" charm pack and am attempting to squeeze two cushion covers out of it.

It will be close! I somehow forgot that the more seams you introduce, the less area of fabric you produce - duh!

And then there is the Barn Raising blanket , using leftover sock yarns. Again for the front room, for sofa-snuggling in the winter.
Nobody in my family believes I have the perseverance to knit an entire blanket out of squares. I am estimating I need to knit 144 of these, at 3 hours each... err, yes.
The plan is to knit at least one square a week to keep the momentum going. So watch this space for Square Sundays, when I will show you my progress!

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