Thursday, November 26, 2009

And Thursday

Hi there. Thanks for your supportive comments!

FL says he is feeling better, but his cough developed overnight, so I have insisted he sees the local GP today. I am NOT having another run-in with pneumonia, thank you very much!

It doesn't help that he pulled the front door handle off (!), so now we can't keep the door shut against the wind. I had to scramble over a barricade of wellies last night when I got home. Sigh! If he wasn't so independant (stubborn) we would call a locksmith like anyone else... but he wants to find someone at the pub to repair it if he can't do it himself. I left him today with plans to remove the lock from one of the pile of ex-hotel doors which he has stacked up outside the garage (don't ask) and fit it to our front door. I suppose it keeps him busy, but sometimes his over-optimistic inventiveness can be frustrating!

I have brought my cold to work. I am supposed to have two flu vaccinations on Saturday (swine and seasonal) and am not looking forward to it.

However.... I am having a great time knitting Kate's tam. The colours of yarn I was sent don't contrast as much as the ones on the pattern itself, so mine is an altogether-more-subtle rendition of the design. I am being very careful to strand my colours evenly across the back in a regular pattern and I think the extra care is paying off. I would show you, but there is no daylight to be found up here at the moment. Wait for the weekend, when I might get it finished!


Janey said...

I'm thinking of you both with the colds and everything. I'm having swine flu jab on monday (had the ordinary one 2 weeeks ago). Enjoy your knitting this weekend and I hope your FL is recovered soon. love Janey x

Phil Brabbs said...

The constipation is rough, but it seems that with each cycle of Velcade and Rev it has gotten better for me. Or it may just be I do a better job staying on my laxatives routine. Make sure FL stays on top of that one! You have our love and support over here. -Phil