Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FO: Pretty Floppy Thing

Back in the summer, I knitted the Scroll Lace shawl and convinced myself that I would make another one for my mother's Christmas. So I bought the yarn shown in the pattern: alpaca / silk sportweight from Old Maiden Aunt, colourway Ysolda. Gorgeous yarn!

But, as is so often the case, I chickened out, thinking my mother would never wear it. Instead, when the pattern for Pretty Thing came out, I decided this would suit my mum far better. But of course, my yarn was a bit thicker than the recommended one and I didn't have any circular needles in the right size.... so I went with 4mm. Because the cowl stitches just fitted round the cord, I couldn't really see what I was doing. I could tell I needed to reduce the overall height, so omitted one ten-row repeat. It was a quick and absorbing knit. I used the sewn bind-off described - how neat! A new technique!

And as I smoothed it out, I was feeling rather pleased with myself. My more open gauge makes it lacier, and less clingy - and I had a nagging worry that my mother would not want anything fluffy too close to her neck, so needed room for her coat collar underneath.

So I tried it on.
Noooooooo! It is too blinking big. The loose lace means it sags into a pathetic baggy roll of nothingness somewhere around the collarbone.

FL tried it on.
Errr... no. No, really, you can't wear that! My daughter says it looks as if he has a plaster cast round his neck.

But I'm told it is warm and soft.
Luckily, I have enough yarn to make another for my mother in a tighter gauge.
I have yet to hear what his pals said when he turned up at the pub with a ruff on.
Oh dear.


gabrielle said...

*chuckle* In my mind, however modern we are, it still takes a man who is nicely secure in his own masculinity to carry off a pastel blue lace ruff down at the pub with his mates with such aplomb - well done FL!

tea and cake said...

awe, poor you! but, it will be lovely in a tighter guage, and I'm sure your mum will love it.