Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home comforts and the WIP

I finished making my patchwork cushion covers and they are cheering up the sofa already. It was my son who said they looked like they should be in a toddler's room. I definitely find myself drawn to the childish!
One pack of "charm squares" was enough for the two fronts. I used a plain cotton for the backs. I used a 9-patch quilt block for the central panel and then improvised the border. I like how they are clearly a pair but are different from each other - a bit like many of my socks!
My cold is clearing up, which is just as well since I had my seasonal and swine flu jabs today - eek! I was so afraid of reacting badly to them but so far I just have a slightly aching arm. FL is still coughing a lot and is worn out. I think he only spent an hour in bed last night, as he finds lying down makes it worse. The slightest effort leaves him out of breath, so he is carrying his asthma inhaler around with him - unheard of!

Right now, I am curled up on the sofa with my knitting. It is my Fugue test-tam for Kate.
I love the braid round the brim - I will use that trick again!

Gratuitous picture of the inside too! See that stranding? I am very proud of it!

There was a spot of chart-dyslexia last night so I had to rip back seven rows today, but I have almost recovered. Finish tomorrow? Maybe!
Oh and I am reading too: "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin.

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Cassie said...

LOVE those pillow covers!

I hope everyone is on the mend, and quickly.