Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sofa sitcom

My front room this morning: note pair of blue sofas. Ignore the brown vinyl reclining chair with ripped mustard curtains covering the arms. (Ever watch Frazier? Remember his dad's chair? It's one of those situations.)
When I moved in with FL, we bought (second-hand) a pair of blue sofas: a 2-seater and a 3-seater. It was 6 months before we occupied the farmhouse so when we came to move in, these sofas felt like part of the fabric of our home together. So it was disappointment when 3 grown men failed to get the 3-seater into the front room. I am told they tried everything.
So it was shoved into our bedroom, and the kids and I shared the 2-seater while FL sat in his chair. The kids are now teenagers and the three of us did not fit on the sofa. There were some rows. Someone always ended up sitting at the table. Often it was me, just to keep the peace.
But after the floods, I feared for my 3-seater sofa, which was backed up against the wall with a buffer of newspapers to save it from the pond in the middle of my bedroom floor. So yesterday I finally cracked. I persuaded my son that he and I could get the 3-seater into the front room while FL was out.
First, we had to remove the brown leather settee that FL had "found" and which none of us would sit on - not even him. It had become the place where he stored a month's supply of newspapers, dirty plates, junk mail and the occasional item of importance that none of us could bear to brave the heap to find. I had regular "discussions" with him, and he promised to tidy it, but I don't think it was ever fully cleared in over 4 years. It is now in the garage. Its contents have been filed / burnt / recycled / washed and put away.
Then my son and I went to move the 3-seater. It turned out to be much heavier than I ever imagined. I couldn't lift my end at all. My plan to take it out the front door and in the back was a non-starter. So we shuffled it through the house to prove the removal men wrong. My daughter got the camera and laughed at us. (She kept shouting "Pivot! Pivot!", which fans of Friends might appreciate.)
We wedged it in the bathroom door and tried to turn it. Nope. We backed it into the study. Nope.
Then my son had a brainwave and removed the castors. Ah ha! So we stood it on its end and pushed. Well, he pulled, I pushed. There was a cracking sound - oh that's just the draught-excluder on the door we can fix that later. There was a terrible creaking sound. Stop!
Too late! It shot through the door, and crashed to the ground, narrowly missing my daughter.
By some miracle, it is not broken.

And then another miracle occurred. FL came home, and after a second's pause said: "What I don't understand is why you still haven't got curtains for this room...?"
The kids and I stared at him open-mouthed. Because for 4 plus years we have been told that he didn't want the view obscured by curtains, so we have put up with not being able to see the TV during the day (it faces the window just out of the right-hand corner of this photo) and almighty draughts in the winter.
I am still reeling. And tomorrow I am off to buy a curtain pole before he changes his mind!


zombiecazz said...

Well done. Feel good huh?

I remember last summer when The OH and I moved our sitting room from downstairs to the 1st floor. We had to move out leather corner couch up 1889 shaped stairs, took all day and I had a moment of tearful defeat when it got completely lodged half way up. After a half our of rest and a good talking to myself I remove 4 spindles from the banister and persuade my OH to give it another go.
Never again the couch will stay on the 1st floor for ever more!!

tea and cake said...

O, well done, you - and son, and daughter! And, well done FL for forgetting he didn't want curtains - hurrah!