Sunday, November 29, 2009

Square Sunday 3

This week's Barn-Raising Square is Claudia Hand-Paint Sock yarn in Ingrid's Blues, which I used a long long time ago to make socks for my mother - the Cable and Rib pattern from Favorite Socks.
The tam... the tam has been ripped back. If you look carefully at the photo I posted yesterday you will see that there is no pattern to the pattern. My cold-fuddled brain thought that it was meant to look like this until I looked a bit harder. Nope.
Since the whole beauty of Kate's original hat lies in its symmetry, there was nothing for it but to rip it out and start again. I know where I went wrong - I thought every second row was identical... it's not!
Pass the chocolate.
FL is improving - less need for his inhalers today. But he was up all night so is very tired.


Phil Brabbs said...

Simply beautiful!

tea and cake said...

Oh dear, poor you, having to rip it all back! But, very glad to hear FL is getter a bit better.