Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas List

Fugue is blocked and dry, now awaiting daylight for a photograph! It looks as if FL is claiming it, so that's his knitty Christmas present sorted - phew! It is quite a manly colour, and tammies were traditionally worn by men, so it's not such a crazy idea. And let's face it, his Centuria hat is deeply eccentric. People are used to his - ahem - individual dress sense.
I have adjusted my Christmas knitting list as I went along. Plans? Pshaw! - who needs them?!
It now looks like this:
My mother: Pretty Thing - done!
My aunt: Baird - done!
My son: Metropole in a Sidewind socks - done!
The teenage cousin: Sloochie - done!
FL: Fugue - done!
Which only leaves my daughter. She has been known to read my blog, so I can't say much. I am knitting a pattern repeat every evening after she goes to bed, so it should be done in time.


RooKnits said...

Wow. Well done. The only thing I have finished is too small for the intended recipient. Doh. I think my plans may have to turn into post-Christmas or possibly birthday knitting!

blue hands said...

Impressed. The one knitting gift I have started will not be finished in time and will have to be presented as a WIP (photo of pattern and a ball of the wool). The other planned knitted gift will therefore not even get started, but I'm taking advantage of the fact that she's only 5 months old and (probably) won't notice anything missing. As for the cosy house socks I want to make for myself, pah!