Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doing Diaries

I cannot function without a pen-and-paper diary. Work insist on me using Outlook (so they can keep track of me - hah!) but I have to copy everything into my little book.

Last year I had an Eric Carle (Very Hungry Caterpillar) Diary. Which was fun, but felt a bit mass-produced.

For 2010, I have this!

It came all the way from Canada, and every page is designed by a blogger/ crafter / Etsy-person. It comes with a plain cardboard cover, so it can be personalised. I am thinking of sewing it a little jacket. Just because.

I admit that some of the pages don't actually have much room to write in my appointments, but the illustrations are so inspiring, I will make it work. If I get desperate I can always stick an address label on top and write really really small!

My next mission is to find some creative stationery to use at work. My desk is depressing. I spend 8 hours a day rearranging the heaps of paper. I am actually very organised - my pinboard is a shrine to Excel charts! So all I really need is a date file and a couple of magazine box-files to restore order and inner calm. And a purple pen. I've got to get a purple pen!


FL has had a tooth extracted (after the dentist checked her book for the effects of Zometa). And now has an unexplained rash on his chest. The parade of minor ailments never fails to amuse and delight us - sigh!

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Janey said...

I'm with you on the paper diary and yours is beautiful. I look every year for the perfect one, that has enough room for appointments and notes but is not like carrying a full library in my handbag. and they have to please me aesthetically too!! I have plumped for a moleskine one for 2010 having had to have chiropractic treatment after lugging a filofax around last year!!

Good news about FL hope ailments continue to minor and less irritating for him!!