Tuesday, December 08, 2009

FO: Baird neckwarmer

From The Knitter, Issue 13, this is the Baird neckwarmer designed by Jeanette Sloan.

I spotted it in the Preview last month and was intrigued, so when the magazine arrived I was excited to discover that I had ALMOST the same yarn in my stash. I say "almost", because the pattern is written for Lang Mille Colori Big, and mine wasn't Big at all, but it was the same colourway. Destiny!

It is knitted up using two strands of yarn held together. In deference to my thinner yarn, I used 8mm needles instead of 10mm, and worked 7 pattern repeats on each piece, instead of 5, to get the right length. After grafting the two pieces together, I picked up 70 stitches (instead of 57) and adjusted the short rows in proportion with my stitch count. A quick crocheted button loop, popped on a button, and I was done. The adjustments made me feel like a designer - cool!

The hardest thing about this project was choosing the button! I raided Granny's button box for this vintage number, but almost used a bluey/green modern one for a more contemporary look. Next time!

It fits really well. The short rows create a curve at the back of the neck for maximum coverage, while the cabled edges allow the fabric to drape beautifully round the shoulders. It really does feel like "a woolly hug" as described in the blurb!

The yarn is super-soft. It is 50/50, wool/ acrylic, which the yarn snob in me resents, but it is so SOOOOFT I have had to put my prejudices aside!

I am afraid I am going to have to give this one away. My aged aunt has to have an operation on her neck, and needs to keep it draught-free. This is the ideal garment! But I will be knitting another (and another and another) so there is no fear that I won't have one for myself! I was going to buy the Big yarn until I discovered it costs £15.95 a ball, compared to £3.95 for the not-Big. Although the super-chunky version is appealing, I am happy enough with this one, at less than half the price!

It would be fabulous in a handspun. I almost feel inspired to learn to spin!


Baird by Jeanette Sloan from The Knitter Issue 13.

Yarn: Lang Mille Colori, yarn held doubled. I used 3 x 50g balls and 8mm needles.



RooKnits said...

Love it! Those colours are gorgeous.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

It is so lovely Ruth:)

Susie Hemingway said...

I do love this and how useful and cosy too - just right for the weather now.

Cassie said...

Stunning! The button is perfect. Nice work. =)