Sunday, December 13, 2009

FO: Fugue test tam

Finished and in use!
This is the Fugue tam which I was testing for Kate and Lilith.
The kit will be available soon, so you can knit your own tam and / or mittens.
The yarn is Bowmont Braf, which is perfect for stranded knitting, as once it is blocked it develops a slight blurring or blending of the colours. Lilith dyed the wool in Moody and Dreich, a much more subdued colourway than Kate's prototype.
I was thinking of giving the hat to my mother for Christmas until FL seized it and claimed it as his own. And it works.
He caught sight of his reflection in the window and said he looked like his father in it.
Certainly, it seems to carry tradition in its weave when worn by a Scottish man of FL's vintage! Yet it looked young and funky when worn by Kate.
I really like the braid round the brim, and the stripes leading up to the tiny acorn on top.
Would I knit another? Oh yes! And some mittens would be good too!

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RooKnits said...

Oh Roo. It is absolutely perfect.