Thursday, December 24, 2009

FO: Pat-a-Cake Mittens

It is becoming traditional for me to forget to knit anything for next door's baby until Christmas Eve. Last year it was socks.

So I was a day ahead when I knitted these Pat-a-Cake mittens yesterday!

Once again I used the remains of a single skein of Interlacements Toasty Toes (worsted weight), which seems to go on for ever. This child now has a hoodie, a jester hat and a pair of mittens all from the same skein!

It's a free pattern and I really like it - quick, easy to follow, and well-shaped.

Next year will require more planning as by then they will have TWO babies!

I still have my daughter's present to finish, but now that she has flown off for Christmas with her dad and his side of the family, I can take it easy and knit in public! Their flight was delayed by two hours yesterday but at least they got there safely. I hope the next leg of the journey (to Taunton by coach) goes smoothly, but that is out of my hands.


Phil Brabbs said...

What beautiful mittens! Merry Christmas!!!!

tea and cake said...

Hope yesterday was a better day for you. And, Happy Christmas to you!