Monday, December 07, 2009

The Knitter Issue 13

Issue 13 of The Knitter is my last subscription copy of the magazine.

And like its predecessors, full of controversy. The most extraordinary garment - this green number - reminds me of something I once knitted for my Barbie doll. Even Barbie looked fat in it. It is knit out of two strands of premium Rowan yarn worked together - making the largest size weigh in at 2.2 kilos. Yes, really. And of course twice as much yarn means twice the cost. Very "Vogue Knitting"!
There is a definite "chunky" theme. Lots of double-strands and oversized needles.

Then there is the pony-riding burlesque capelet. You can't see the thigh-high boots in this picture. Hmmm. Not to my taste, but full marks for "on trend" styling.

The least said about the Rowan "extract" sweater the better. And there is an unbelievable wedding-cake of a cabled coat that is just - well, teeth-on-edge-sweet sculpted icing sugar. The cover jumper made me laugh - hmmm my neck band doesn't fit, what shall I do? I know - I will leave it loose and call it a design feature...?! And there is a Gedifra bolero with massive cables held together by a few strands of lace which made me shrug - so what?

This red and white double-layer hat has potential... but looks unfinished somehow. I don't understand the white lozenges - maybe they would look better embroidered?

There's also a man's cable-effect sweater, an aran bag, a cushion...

There are LOADS of patterns in here! And though I don't like any of the ones I mentioned, the ones I DO like more than compensate.

Because this is the first issue that has made me grab my needles and head for the stash straightaway. I LOVE the Baird neckwarmer. It is exactly the sort of fun, speedy knit I would turn to for last-minute gifts. I'll show you mine tomorrow! I knitted it this weekend.

And it was not alone in gripping my attention. I MUST knit the Louisa Harding tanktop. It's from the Little Cake Collection and I am really pleased to have the pattern without having to buy the whole book.
Likewise a beautiful shawl from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace from Estonia book - wow!

So that is a total of three "must-knits" from one magazine - unheard of!
As well as the patterns, there is a really interesting article about cabling from Kate, which references the new Lynne Barr book "Reversible Knitting", which took the book from my Wish List into my online shopping basket - oops! Plus the usual reviews of yarns and other knitterly products, giving me lots to look at on the web.
All in all, I am really excited by this issue, much more so than with any of its predecessors. It contains moments of brilliance, and flashes of total insanity, but it kept me turning its pages looking for more. It is an inspiring issue, which made me want to knit - can't say better than that!
Will I re-subscribe? Nope. But I will definitely look out for it in the shops. The next issue is devoted to menswear, with a lot of complicated cables, so if that is your "thing", watch out for it in January.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

thanks for the review. I won't be buying it then, the only pattern I like ,indeed love, is the neckwarmer. Will wait til it is available to buy on its own:)

mooncalf said...

That Louisa Harding tank caught my eye too. It is a lovely cable and such an elegant, simple design. Maybe next year...

Bethy said...

Ditto for me on the neckwarmer. It was the only standout pattern for me. I love that shawl you mentioned but am still making my way through one and don't know if another would make it's way to my needles. I really appreciated your review!