Monday, January 25, 2010

FO: The Modern Garden cardi revisited


The Modern Garden cardigan by 100-rain.

Size: medium body, extra-large sleeves.

Yarn: Patons Inca from Kemps at 79p per ball. I used 8 balls.

Needles: Denise interchangeables: 10mm and Knitpro spectra acrylic dpns: also 10mm

Buttons: Red plastic from Ebay.

Modifications: I was afraid the sleeves were going to be too tight, so started them again, in the largest size. This meant I had to adjust the stitch count as I joined the sleeves to the yoke, which I did over two rows, by decreasing at the beginning and end of each sleeve piece. It worked, but my stitch count was out when I reached the neck, so I had to do a bit more fiddling.

I also messed about with the button placement to improve the fit (more below).

Would I knit it again? Not in this yarn and not in this size. I think it would look better in a denser single-ply wool, so that it might felt lightly when washed. The Inca is OK, but a bit splitty and lacking in body. However, it makes for a light yet thick garment.

The very open gauge of this pattern makes it super-stretchy, so I ought to have made it in a smaller size, and certainly should have stuck to the sleeve dimensions of the original.

The post-modern modification: I moved the lower three buttons three inches over into the main body of the garment to pull it tighter under the bust. The button-band now follows the curves of the lower leaves. A bit odd, but I think it works. Before I did this, the upper leaves sagged in a most unflattering way in a most unfortunate place.

Verdict? A wearable garment outwith the company of giggling teenagers, or other persons with an immature attitude towards female body parts. Boob-tastic!

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Janey said...

as usual this looks fab! I never cease to be amazed at how prolific a knitter you are, I'm always inspired! BTW love the hat too!!