Sunday, January 24, 2010

FO: Modern Garden cardi

So I finished my Modern Garden cardi.


Well, I like the red buttons against the grey. It adds to the late-1950's / early 1960's ski sweater effect.

And I like the short-row shaping at the back of the neck.

It lies really nicely across the shoulders.

All the shaping is done via the leaves until you get to this point, which is very clever.

The yarn? It's OK - nothing special, but at 79p a ball from Kemps it would be childish to complain about a wool / alpaca / acrylic mix which is fairly soft and warm.

Actually, the back view isn't too bad.

But the front...? No, really, I can't show you yet!

This project depends on negative ease for success. So why did I knit the medium size? Small, or even extra-small would have been better. Because instead of having a thick warm cardigan which clings in all the right places, I have a slightly-oversized garment with saggy leaves which look like deflated water balloons hanging from my chest.

Believe me, it is not a good look!

I have a plan. All is not lost!

I'll show you tomorrow!

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Some Chilean Woman said...

I think it's adorable, but I am confused, did I miss something? Didn't you have long blond hair?