Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Health and Fitness in 2010

My Christmas holidays turned out to be a time to eat less and exercise more. FL wasn’t interested in food so our Christmas pheasant lasted me almost a week (lucky it wasn’t a turkey!). And the dog required regular walks despite the snow being over the top of my wellies, so I was burning off at least twice the usual number of calories as we plunged across the fields in pursuit of elusive deer and rabbits. As a result, my work skirt waistbands are noticeably looser this week, and I am determined to keep them that way. N.B. I don't want to get thinner I just want to be fitter.

The smallest and yet most crucial change I am making is NOT to buy a full-fat latte and a KitKat on the way into the office every morning. I have made myself a Star(bucks?) Chart and every time I avoid the café, I get a Star. Each Star saves me £2.25 and a large number of pointless calories. I am making my own coffee with skimmed milk and NO accompanying chocolate treat. So far so good. At the end of the year I will reward myself with the cash that I saved, to spend on any frivolous item I choose – woo hoo!

In terms of exercise, it is so easy to sit at my desk all day fermenting. I am going for a walk every lunchtime. Shame the dog can’t come too! I have dog duties in the evening which will get easier as the nights get lighter. If he drags me through the whins in the dark one more time...!
And inevitably I bought a new dance dvd to kickstart my New Year regime! Don’t laugh too hard – it is the Clubland Workout of Your Life! I liked the earlier Clubland dvd but this one is even better. I seemed to find the moves easier to pick up and can do the first two sections without a second thought. And it is a great way to clear the room of husband, children and dog, who all hate the nnst nnst music! I don’t care for it myself either but it is good for dancing! Once the room is cleared I can get the hoovering done too – double prizes!
I don't take the gold hotpants seriously. And I was really pleased to see that two of the backing dancers have a bit more meat on them than is usually the case, though you can't tell from the cover shot. I will let you know if I keep it up!


tea and cake said...

What a lovely, cheerful post on such a dreary day! Keep it up, and you may earn your gold hotpants!

Steven L. Ritter said...

Here is a tip... If you find that you really miss the chocolate..go to the store and get the small very dark chocolate. It has to be over 65% pure chocolate. It really satisfies and research has found that it is very good for you. You can even add it to your coffee!

I do the biggest loser DVD, both Boot camp and yoga... By myself...

Keep up the good work!