Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knitting in 2010

So… 2010 eh?

The mess that was my mental state across the Christmas period prevented me from doing a knitty review of 2009 or writing about my plans for 2010. But I do have some!

In 2010, I intend to knit from stash. This decision is not about saving money or the "credit crunch", but simply an acknowledgement that I have some lovely yarn which I could be knitting up if I didn’t allow myself to be distracted by shiny new things. I signed up to the Socktopus Knit Love Club, so will automatically receive new yarn every two months as a regular knitty surprise – and I will still have treats to look forward to! Contrary to what you might expect, I am really excited to be giving myself permission to use my “best wool”. I have deleted the “shops” folder from my web favourites in preparation!

My £5 mystery bags of Rowan wool from Kemps boosted my stock of “whole garment” yarn. I received 10 balls of Rowan wool tweed in a gingery colour which will make a delicious cardigan / jacket. Audrey in Unst perhaps? Something cabled?

And I have 10 balls of Cashsoft Aran: 8 in a light grey/green and 2 in a limey pistachio shade. The colours go well together and I am thinking of a slipover with a striped waistband… or else to split the yarn into hat and baby garment sized portions.

I also succumbed to 12 balls of Patons Inca, for the Modern Garden cardigan, which is already underway. More of that when it is looking more exciting!

There is no need to mention the sock yarn stash. I have plenty. Some of it is destined to be knit into shawls, which I am surprised to find myself wearing every day. My greyish “boring” Ishbel has been round my neck for the past two weeks! Why don’t I have the confidence to knit more neutral garments? So much more practical than the crazy coloured ones!

So my knitting year ahead looks something like this:

Baby gifts – a minimum of three of these are required!

Shawls: Herbivore, Andrea’s Shawl, Damson, another Ishbel, another Aestlight…

Garments: Audrey in Unst, Modern Garden, Owls, Cabled Hoodie, Staccato for my son…

Socks: too many to list! Lots of socks!

Barn-Raising Squares: will I manage one a week? I ought to keep to that goal.

And that doesn’t include the projects which sneak up on me: more hats, fingerless mitts, Christmas gift knits…!

Happy knitting in 2010!

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RooKnits said...

Those squares are looking fabulous already.
I love Audrey in Unst - but wonder whether the tweedyness will work with that pattern? However it is a gorgeous colour (and a bargain!)
Here's to a fab knitting in 2010