Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Works in Progress: Knitting

I thought I might have a finished garment to show you this weekend, but it was not to be. My Modern Garden Cardigan was speeding along merrily until I got to the yoke. At this point, you take a break and knit the sleeves, cuff up in the round, and later join them to the main body.
But I didn't have any 10mm dpns. I tried to work the first sleeve using my Denise circulars, but negotiating a mere 17 stitches round the loop left them mis-shapen, stretched and uneven. A 17 stitch sleeve? Err... yes. I note that several other knitters have become frustrated at this point and added "extra-large" sleeves" to their otherwise "small" cardis. I am knitting the medium size and I am thinking it would be wise to grade-up the sleeves. Although I can get the 17 stitches round my upper wrist , they aren't going to go much higher.
So there will be a pause for needles to arrive in the post and for thinking time. I have a nagging worry about the open-ness of the gauge of this garment. It is supposed to be that way, but I am not sure that it is my style. As my mother would say "you could riddle corn through it". Actually, you could probably riddle potatoes through it!
To take my mind off it, and keep myself excited about knitting, I cast on Andrea's Shawl by Kirsten Kapur. I liked this pattern the moment I saw it. It is in danger of having too much going on, but I like the dense stocking stitch stripes framed by leaves and then again by a pretty delicate openwork edging. My daughter (who hates shawls) remarked on the brocade effect of the leaves, and that is just the right word I think.
I am knitting it in two Yarn Yard yarns from the stash: 281 (brown) Bonny and Probably Jane (green) Clan. There have been two days this week when I have noticed my lack of a scarf in these colours so I know I will wear it! I have just begun the outer edging, and I am only about a third of the way along that section, but I am OK with that. I enjoy stopping to admire it every time I do a pattern repeat! I am really motivated by the construction of shawls - every one seems to be slightly different and there is such a feeling of achievement when you complete one part and move on to the next.

And finally, this week's waiting room knitting - a square for the blanket. It's ready to cast off.
Another Online Supersocke 100 Sport Color - this time leftover from my Pippi Longstockings.

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Helen said...

My mother used to say, 'You could shoot peas through it,' which always sounded a bit unlikely to me. Riddling corn seems much more possible.