Saturday, February 27, 2010

FO: Mulled Wine Socks

My oldest UFO is complete at last! I began the Mulled Wine Socks back in December 2008 and finished the first one on holiday at New Year 2009.
I only got round to casting on for sock 2 in the past week. So they could have been finished long ago - tsk!
Mulled Wine Socks from the Loumms Year of Socks.
Nature's Pallette fingering by Hand Jive Knits, which came from RooKnits - thanks Roo!
2.75mm dpns.
I love this yarn! Two skeins have made me a pair of socks and a pair of mittens for my daughter and the colour glows in both projects. It is more red than pink in real life. It is one of those two-strand-twist merinos, but "fatter" than Cherry Tree Hill. It really made those cables pop!
The pattern is very complex. These little socks have had everything thrown at them: bobbles, twists, cables, lace. The short-row heel was very well-written to avoid holes. It might be a bit shallow for my instep though.
If I was to knit them again I probably wouldn't use the roll-over cuff with all those bobbles. I can't get it to lie properly and it's just a bit too fussy for my taste.
Loads of fun though!
It makes for a great holiday knitting project - even in February it made me think about Christmas. Or maybe that was the snow! I would recommend it to someone who wants to test themselves and try out different techniques.

What next?
Probably some simple vanilla socks in self-striping yarn while I gather my strength to tackle the other UFO - my Zur Lederhos'n socks for FL. Because while knitting the Mulled Wine socks I realised where I had gone wrong with the Lederhos'n's - and it involves ripping - gulp!


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emmms said...

They look AWESOME! Have you put pics up on Ravelry yet?

feresaknit said...

Lovely (bit of an understatement but gorgeous was already taken) - I wouldn't put that amount of patterning on a jumper never mind a pair of socks! And while I'm commenting I saw Lorna's post about knitting and thought 'Um, someone kindly suggested knitting, I wonder'. So I trawled through the comments and had my suspicison confirmed that you were in fact the knitting pusher. There's only so many sheep or in my case so many crylics to go round.