Tuesday, February 09, 2010

FO: Sprout

Here is a little something for one of this year's crop of babies.

Sprout is a sleeveless cardigan for a babe of about 3-6 months. I didn't have enough yarn for a hood, so devised a small collar instead.

The wool is Unique Sheep Super Wool in "Spruce Sprigs", a sportweight yarn. It is butter-soft, so perfect for delicate skin. I used a few grams less than the full skein.

The buttons are vintage, from Grandma's tin. After I had sewn them on, I realised that they made the garment very serious-looking. Even though I think they look like tiny cabbages. I might change the buttons... I saw some great Smarties-style ones over on Ysolda's blog and they come in lime green!
As a design project, this was great fun. I was determined to minimise the seaming as far as possible, and tried to leave the stitches "live" round the neck curve instead of casting them off and picking up later. It seemed like such a good idea at the time! However, this created a few tiny holes. If I was knitting this again, I would definitely stick to the traditional method. Only a knitter would notice them. Perhaps that decides whose baby gets this present!
The gansey diamonds are shamelessly borrowed from a Rowan DK cotton design in "Tadpoles and Tiddlers". Thinner yarn and needles (3mm) scaled the stitch pattern down to more baby-friendly proportions.

Boy or girl? It has turned out more boyish than I expected. It would look great on top of this! But then again, a little smocky dress would bring out its more feminine side!

Sigh. I do love baby clothes!


tea and cake said...

This is lovely, and I especially like its 'sprout' name, very apt!
ps. aren't those clothes expensive, my goodness!

RooKnits said...

Oh, it is gorgeous Roo.

Cindy K. said...

I love your knitting! A friend & I plan to join a group at this knit shop & learn to knit some fun things like socks at first. I learned to knit "a little" years ago, but only helped my grandma knit a nice baby afghan. Anyway...thanks for checking on me. I'm sure you're aware of all the arguments over healthcare here in the US..Obama wanting government run & most of us nOT wanting it. When you mention how your husbandy wasn't approved for SCT, it makes me feel this way all the more..yet..it's good you can get the Velcade. Revlimid did me better than the SCT. It's so hard. My oncologist was in UK several years ago at a MM Seminar. If I recall correctly, discussion about the timliness of getting an MRI was discussed and my doctor commented that in the US, we would not accept such a delay. The UK speaker said, "well, it's a matter of expectations then, isn't it?" He meant that we expect more.

What is your thoughts of healthcare...US vs UK kind??? I do not care for Obama & this administration at all...they tell so many out & out lies that I just don't trust them. I've never seen a President LIE so boldly as Obama...and then people seem to not care or believe him!! It's scary quite honestly!

Thanks for listening...;)

Cindy K. said...

I think I lost my 1st comment, so here I go again. I'm so sorry your hubby is having such a time. I sure hope he gets better. When I hear things like him not able to have the SCT, it makes me all the more against the healthcare that Obama wants over here. What is your thoughts of US healthcare vs UK? We do need reform in ways..like the petty lawsuits that drive up costs, insurance able to cross our state lines, & others..but I don't want what Obama wants..for sure! My oncologist was in UK at a MM seminar. The timliness of MRI's was discussed. My doctor said we in US would not find it acceptable to wait so long..the UK speaker responded, "well, it's a matter of expectations, isn't it?" I guess he meant that we have too high expectations. What is your thoughts about health insurance here vs there? I'm curious. I do not care for Obama & this administration at all! I've never seen a President LIE so boldly as he has...and get by with it somehow. I think & hope many people are finally waking up over here. I hope he does not get re-elected.

I love this little vest you knitted!! It is darling! A friend & me are going to take some lessons this march or so...and go to a knitting store and take lessons. I learned some knitting when i was young. I've knitted mittens a few times, but I'm slow and have to really pay attention.