Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knitting Off The Road

So, Andrea's Shawl is finished - what to knit next?
I wound a skein of Singing The Blues aran-weight PoshYarn to make a hat to fit my new hair... but couldn't decide which pattern to use. I might wait for Woolly Wormhead's new book "Twisted Woolly Toppers" before I decide.
And I wound my last skein of Yarn Yard Bonny in Trente-et-un (pink) for a smocky baby number. I will probably use the Busy Lizzy pattern from "Tadpoles and Tiddlers", which my daughter looked super-cute in as an infant - ah memories!

But I wasn't feeling the knitting love for either of these ideas. I picked up my oldest WIP, the Mulled Wine socks from December 2008 (tsk!) and cast on sock two. Oh my! I had forgotten how tricky this pattern is! I ripped it back three times before I got going with the cuff.
So I was delighted when my back-ordered copy of Knitscene Winter / Spring 2010 arrived. Instant distraction! I fell for the Helleborus Yoke cardigan straightaway. Never mind that it was meant to be knit in chunky wool and started at size 38 inches, I was determined to knit it, and knit it from stash.

I tried using the Rowan Wool Tweed my from Kemps windfall. What a strange yarn that is! It feels so unwoolly and the colour in sunlight is frankly disturbing. The phrase "ginger minger" comes to mind. Err... no. Ripped.

So I dived back into the stash and unearthed some Cascade 220 Heathers I bought from Sussex Yorkie's destash a while ago. I though I would make a Back-to-School Vest with this, but then went off the idea.
By bedtime I had knitted the right front. My gauge is coming up at 17 stitches by 23 rows for 4 inches over moss stitch on US size 9 needles. Not bad! The original pattern calls for 15 stitches by 23 rows on US 10.5 needles. If mine comes out a bit smaller, it's all good because I am a clear 4-5 inches less chesty than the smallest size.

This picture was the first attempt, when I messed up the O-O-O cable. Oh. Ripped.
But I have found my knitting mojo. Hallelujah! I love the colour (mmm blackcurrants!) and I love the texture and I am actually excited about the prospect of knitting on today.
Thank you so much to everyone who shared my outrage at the lack of sympathy FL has been receiving from his doctors. He was so disheartened by his GP's response (side-effects have to be tolerated) that he didn't want to talk to the Macmillan nurse or anyone else. Ever. So I am letting it lie for a few days to see how he gets on with paracetamol. Then at least we can report to the hospital that he has tried paracetamol... it helps... but maybe not enough... and maybe it is time for something else...? Oh - and you can keep your Velcade, thank you very much.

Off road:
Yesterday FL reversed his car into a ditch trying to get out of the way of a school bus in the snow. (Yes - more snow!) He couldn't turn round to look properly and slid off the edge of the tarmac into a burn (stream). The gamekeeper gave him a lift home, but he forgot the dog was in the boot, so I had to leave work early to rescue the confused mutt (Hero, not FL). The recovery vehicle was supposed to come at 7pm (the accident was at 2pm!) but when I drove my daughter home from her tap class at 9pm I could see the car was still on its side. FL was asleep when we got home, but my son said the recovery people hadn't rung. Strange. So we rang them, and it turned out that they hadn't registered his call because he hadn't known the registration number of his car. SIGH.
So the 2pm accident was dealt with at 11pm. Lucky he hadn't stayed in the car! Apparently the recovery truck almost went into the ditch trying to get the car out, as it couldn't get traction on the ice. I am so sick of this weather!
So a quiet weekend has to be hoped for...


tinker899 said...

Please try to get FL to talk to the Macmillan nurses they are so understanding. Recently a friend's wife was diagnosed with cancer, having no children they did everything together so reeling from this diagnosis the husband took sick leave from work and they shut themselves away from everybody apart from the hospital appointments. Eventually they talked to the Macmillan nurses now he is back at work, she is being treated and responding well. Just talking to someone who understands and is impartial can be such a big support. Hope his pain is being relieved by the Paracetamol. Jan

Twelfthknit said...

Maybe you could have a cat to the Macmillan nurses first- get an idea of how helpful they'll be before trying to get FL to talk to them?