Friday, February 19, 2010

Sewing Inspiration

Picture credit: Pomadour

See the picture on the right? I like this look!

That jacket says it all for me - neat little tiny collar, 3/4 length sleeves, asymmetric pocket flap feature - ooh and it looks as if it is made in a linen / cotton blend.

Then there's the swooshy cool chemisey-smock underneath, layered up over a camisole, and it curves at the front- it isn't just straight across. It might be a bit "maternity" but that model still manages to look slim in it.

And a pair of cullottes with massive hems... and boots! Love it!

There is always the fear that these are clothes designed for a bigger gal than me. How many times have I tried on billowing layers and ended up looking like I had raided the dressing-up box?

It's a Lagenlook look - dramatic layering, beloved by art teachers across the world.

The patterns are in a Japanese sewing book I spotted at Pomadour: Mrs Stylebook Spring 2010. So, in theory, I could make these clothes for myself. But I have a previous copy of Mrs Stylebook and haven't made anything from it, because it only shows drawings of the pattern pieces - you have to draft them yourself according to your own measurements. And there are virtually no instructions on how to sew them together - just a few terse comments in Japanese.

Tsk - I need to get my sewing confidence back before I dive in way beyond my experience! Inspiring though!


tea and cake said...

Cor! That is a lovely look - all whistful and whimical. So long as you take into account your smaller figure and height - keep it in proportion, basically, you'll be fine! Good Luck. x

bagqueen said...

I love this kind of look too and I'm a big gal but I have to be careful else I just look like a pile of washing!! I think it works best if you are big upwards, rather side to side as I am!!
Having said that I'm sure you could carry it off!
I have sewn for years and pretty prepared to take on most things but pattern drafting from scratch takes it from relaxation and pleasure to a stage too mathsy for me to enjoy!! I tend to stick with patterns that I can change to fit the look I want!