Thursday, February 04, 2010

WIP: Sprout

I was sitting at my desk the other day when there came a great shrieking from down the corridor. The PR girls always seem to have so much fun at work!
However, the cause of the shrieks was the news that a colleague had given birth. 6 weeks early. I only noticed she was looking a bit large the other day!
And I realised I had better get my sticks and string in gear for the other 2010 babies I know about… before they go and get themselves born.

So I hit the stash (good girl Roo!) and pulled out my Unique Sheep Super Wool from the Woolgirl sock club of 2008. It is a sportweight supersoft wool and the handpainted colourway “Spruce Sprigs” is made up of buttered spring-cabbagey greens – yum!

I only have one skein, so I am designing a little something to fit my yardage. It will be sleeveless, button-fronted and hopefully have a little hood...though there is a risk I won’t have enough yarn for that. Thinking “baby scale”, I added a moss stitch / purl-ridgey gansey-esque stitch pattern border which I am repeating at the yoke.

I think it is unisex, with that sporty hoodie vibe.
I am also hoping it is practical as a spring / summer layering piece for a newborn. Do people dress their babies in layers these days? I just don’t know what babies wear in 2010!
Mine lived in all-in-ones and dungarees until they were potty-trained. Boy and girl.
Am I showing my vintage here?!


RooKnits said...

Gorgeous colour! Layers is definitely the way to go... and you've reminded me of the vintage dungaree sewing patterns I found in a charity shop a while ago. Maybe it is time for the sewing machine to get dusted off!

Janey said...

I love those colours, and please post finished garment as it sounds and looks so far to be yummy!!