Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Talk, No Trousers

While my knitting has been going smoothly, with several Works in Progress and a concentrated attack on the stash underway, there has been no sewing to show.

It is not down to a lack of inspiration. Or fabric. Or pattern books. But somehow it feels like such a major undertaking to clear the table of its daily detritus, that I lose my energy before I begin.

My three trouser-lengths arrived from Croft Mill Fabrics, and I am mightily impressed by the “handle” of the material. However, I pre-washed all three together, which may have been a mistake, as I suspect the black has seeped dye onto the other two. I need strong daylight to be sure.

The khaki Bedford cord is first up. I am considering a high-waisted trouser pattern, to shake things up a bit. I printed one out from BurdaStyle, the Bella trouser, and just need to sellotape the A4 print-outs together to check I have enough fabric. Why do I always buy fabric in one- or two-metre portions? I may not have long legs, but I still need a few spare inches for facings and waistbands! I am slightly wary of the high-waist thing, but I saw this pattern made up here and thought it looked fab, so we'll see!

In shopping news, the Tara Starlet tea dress sadly had to go back. I ordered it in pink, which made me look washed-out. I exchanged it for black with tiny red flowers – but it was made of different fabric which caused a major static storm. I just don’t “do” synthetics for this reason, but the pink had a “cold crepe” feel and was fine. Since I can’t go to work with my hair standing on end and my frock stuck to my knickers, it has had to be returned. Sob. So there remains a hole in my wardrobe for a 1940’s dress. I ought to make one… or buy an anti-static underskirt. Yuck, too much polyester!

Meantime, I haven’t ordered any of the patterns or books I showed you. The exchange rate has been conspiring against me for Japanese imports and I can’t bring myself to pay almost £20 for a book which might just languish under the bed beside its cousins. I think I need to plan an entire outfit, sew it, and wear it, and take it from there. Instead of fiddling about making single items which don’t go with anything else, so sit in the wardrobe, staring at me accusingly every morning. Some sewing bloggers have been doing a “Me Made March” where they could only wear clothes they had made themselves, for the whole month. I think I might have been a little chilly if I had tried this. But it is a great idea!


bagqueen said...

Croft Mill fabrics has some lovely stuff, I almost wish I hadn't followed your link cos I'm skint at the moment!! I have also been thinking of some high waisted trousers for the spring, but I fear the new year diet must progress a little more before I embark down that route!! You on the other hand will look fab and hopefully that will spur me on when the biccy tin calls!!

feresaknit said...

For some reason I have never considered ordering dress making material on the internet. I may need to have a rethink particularly as our local fabric store is like an jumble sale in that section.