Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bag and Works in Progress

Can I distract you with my new bag? It is the Namaste Monroe and it is meant to be a knitting bag, but I am using it for work. It is a gorgeous colour and looks very leather-like. I have had several compliments at the office!

It is big enough to fit in A4 documents and the straps are just the right length to go over the shoulder comfortably. Loads of pockets inside with zippy bits and magnetic closures.

I bought mine from Purlescence - thanks for finding it in the back of the cupboard, Robynn! It was a necessary purchase - a pen leaked all over my home-made Hummingbird bag - sob! I am feeling very grown-up at the moment, with lipstick and a handbag!
In sewing and knitting news... I will have so much to show you soon!

I managed to do a lot of sewing at the weekend, and had made most of a pair of Bella trousers when I ran out of matching thread. Just before I reached all the top-stitching! So FL has been dispatched to the local fabric shop with the almost-empty spool and I hope to finish them one evening soon. Now that we have daylight in the evening - woo hoo!

The Busy Lizzy baby cardigan is still in pieces, all pinned out on my exercise mat. I just need to sew it all together and knit the collar.

And in the meantime I have been knitting away on the Helleborus Yoke and reached the centre back last night.

And FL?

He managed 9 holes of golf on Saturday, practically jogged off the course, dumped his clubs in the boot of the car, drove straight home and collapsed straight into bed where he slept for 6 hours solid. He said he knew if he didn't come home immediately he would have had to ring me to come and collect him, he was so tired.

But that didn't stop him - he was off again on Sunday and managed 8 holes this time. Anyone would think he was in training for a golfing holiday!


RooKnits said...

Love the new bag! It is very "proper"!
Good news on Al's golf too. Fingers crossed the snow doesn't stop golfing

bagqueen said...

Glad Fl feeling well enough for decent amount of golf!! And I'm very jealous of the bag!! As you can guess I'm partial to a handbag and I probably have enough to stock a small shop but if I ever get rid of any, I find that is just the one that is really the perfect bag. I have bought so many "perfect, I'll never need another one" bags that I have lost count!!!

Steven L. Ritter said...


Getting back in shape isn't easy for anyone let alone a M/M patient that went through what he did... Hopefully it is a start of a pattern of getting better! Congrats to all....

bagqueen said...

Me again!!, I spend far too much time wandering on the web but today I found this site She sells bag patterns on etsy and I thought of you in case you wanted to make a replacement for your hummingbird bag!!

But hey you may not feel the need to fill your cupboards with bags as I do!!

CCK said...

Three cheers for sunny days and golfing! And for that scrumptious bag, I bet you have a swing in your step when it's over your shoulder..

feresaknit said...

I opened my newly arrived copy of Designer Knitting as it's called now, rather than Vogue, and there's the exact same bag (well in a different colour but still the same). Get you!

I read FL's To Do list, once he's finished digging your mole hills, etc I wondered if he could add digging over our garden to the list. It's tiny to your land I'm sure just 97ft by 28ft but I don't think I'll be doing it again soon! I can wait until the warmer weather!!!!! ;o)