Sunday, March 14, 2010

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MMMM - dark chocolate cupcakes, allegedly made for the kids! If you have even the slightest interest in baking, my latest library find is for you! Until this book, I thought "cupcake" was just the name for a muffin with icing on top. Not so! I made these because it was the only recipe I (almost) had the ingredients for, and it happened to be vegan. Seriously more-ish!

I had to make a few changes: brown sugar instead of white, cider vinegar instead of wine vinegar, SR flour instead of plain. But they worked. And this is the last one, so be quick FL!

And I finished the first Kalajoki sock. This is the right foot.

See that crazy "anatomical toe"?

But most of the weekend has been about sewing. I am determined to get on with my Burda Style Bella trousers today.

The self-print pattern was a bit of a fiddle to put together and most of yesterday was spent cutting and sticking. But hopefully today I will get to the stitching stage.

I do fear that this fabric is too casual for work-wear. But I've started, so I'll finish... eventually!

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RooKnits said...

Yum. Looks delicious.
What a sock too! Must investigate that toe.