Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Vintage

Image credit: Tara Starlet

No sooner do I get my hair cut, than I develop a passion for repro retro fashion. Typical. No fancy rolled fringes for me (thank goodness!) My style icons at University wore their Oxfam 50's frocks with punk haircuts and DM's and it worked. Not that I think I can get away with that particular combination at the office...

But I have a plan:

Wide trousers: material purchased to sew three pairs, first pair done except for buttons

Neat jackets: I bought one from Tara Starlet and obviously need to make another!

Fitted blouses: Come on Roobeedoo, you know you can make them yourself!

Tea dresses: still in my head/dreams

Neat cardigans: first up will be Audrey in Unst in sloeberry Sublime merino from the stash

I also had a bit of a binge on 1940's / 50's Stitchcraft magazines at Ebay. There was a lot more to choose from than I expected. I even recognised one (December 1957) from my mother's long-lost collection. I used to love flicking through these as a child! But she sent hers to landfill many years ago after the attic flooded. Sniffle. I managed to control myself and just buy a few, but I might have to go back for more. I really want to try knitting from the original patterns. Of course, I could just have bought Jane Waller's book, but I wanted to "discover" a pattern for myself, if you know what I mean.

Image credit: Dead Men's Spex at Ebay

Still unresolved: lipstick and glasses. I am seriously considering the purchase of some red lipstick, well reddish, oh my! Lipstick is a shocking enough concept for a scruff like me. And I really rather fancy some vintage-style glasses...!

How much of this will come to pass? Who knows - but is fun doing the "research"!


RooKnits said...

Don't buy anymore stitchcrafts - I have LOADS - I'll put together a parcel for you tonight :o)

GrannyPurple said...

Shopping--even "window shopping" is such a pick-me-up! Have fun.

Fiona said...

That blouse! I've been lusting after it for ages and ages. Also about 80% of the dresses and the dungarees. Dammit student budget, you ruin all my plans!


Zoe said...

Oohh, love your wardrobe plans! I think this'll make a really cool but wearable vintage-feel look.