Sunday, March 07, 2010

Knitty Works in progress

First up:
Busy Lizzy from Rowan's Tadpoles and Tiddlers book.
I knitted this for my daughter in primrose yellow Wool and Cotton 14 years ago. I must see if I can find a photo. It was my favourite baby knit at the time.
I am using Yarn Yard Bonny this time round, and the variegated colour "Trente et Un" hides the criss-cross-iness of the smocking at the yoke.
But it's a great colour and I think it looks more modern than a plain pastel. It is a slower knit than I expected, but I am about halfway there.

And here is the current state of the Helleborus Yoke. I haven't touched it this week due to my dedication to the baby knit.
I must get back to it before the snow melts!

Today I am casting on some waiting room socks. Trying to decide between another pair of Marina Piccola's, Kalajoki or something using my only skein of Socks that Rock in the shade "Lucy", which I now see as the Cheshire Cat colourway - loved those turquoise eyes!
Yes, I took the kids to see the new Alice in Wonderland yesterday. Some terrible editing and excruciating "dance", but I love, love, loved the costumes! :)

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Loving the Busy Lizzie