Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swing Dress Plans

Swept along in a rush of spring fever, I have ordered two 1940's sewing patterns from Etsy.

This dress is similar to the one I liked so much at Tara Starlet, but with a higher neckline. Much more sensible for a girl without much boobage.

I was impressed to see that the 1940's body measurements are identical to mine - maybe I have found my era!

I am thinking of polka dots or a floral print. I might even take both together with this fabric from Croft Mill but I think cotton might be too stiff. Maybe a viscose?

And from the same Etsy seller, a pattern described as being for a teenager. I can't imagine my daughter wearing this!

The short-sleeved version of the blouse called to me. I might mess about with my vintages and go for a 50's-style cherry print on a black base. Although I found some gorgeous 1940's turquoise heart-shaped buttons which are crying out to be sewn onto a cute puff-sleeved blouse, so I might have to make more than one...!

And wouldn't that pinafore be fab in black cotton sateen? Like the stuff I already have in the stash?

Poor FL doesn't know what to think.


Raveller said...

Tee hee. I actually have the second vintage pattern you picture, or one very similar. I made it out of a brown Viyella print, lined it and wore it to work for years in the late 80's/early 90's. I still have it somewhere...

bagqueen said...

Love the patterns I think you will look great in them all and the black cotton sateen for the pinafore sounds perfect!! You might get away with cotton for the dress pattern if it is a lawn type of weight but that is tricky to tell when ordering on internet, I still say there are some positive uses for developing feel on the net!! Although it could of course be misused!!!