Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Waiting Room Sock

When I wrote that I knitted "a quarter of a sock" in the Waiting Room you probably weren't all that impressed. I actually meant a quarter of a PAIR of socks - i.e. half a sock. I do hope my daughter isn't relying on me for help with her maths homework!

It is the Kalajoki pattern (free on Ravelry!) and I am using Socks That Rock mediumweight in the colourway Lucy, 2.75mm dpns.
This is my first time knitting with STR. I had been saving this skein for the right pattern. Kalajoki is a good match, I think. Most of the sock is plain, but there is that river of twisted stitches meandering down the front to break up the pooling and add direction to the sock. I considered knitting Marina Piccola again, but it would have been too busy.

The sock-at-rest looks a tad wrinkly, but evens out on the foot. I love the firm, even fabric which STR produces. This is a substantial piece of hosiery.

As for the colours - ah, I am such a sucker for a colourway to match a cat! (Lucy is Wendy's siamese.) It was the Cheshire Cat in the new film of Alice in Wonderland which inspired me to dig out this yarn. Turquoise stripes - mmm!


Thank you, once again, for all your good wishes. FL is still getting used to the idea that he is "normal"! He was just on the point of cancelling his golf club membership and now he thinks he might hang on to it.
He is frustrated by the continuing tiredness / pain, but at least he now has some hope that things might improve. I have been granted permission to knit him another pair of socks, on the grounds that he might get a chance to wear them before he pops his clogs - such optimism!


RooKnits said...

Oooh, I love that pattern... and the colour combination. What a fab half a sock

feresaknit said...

Love the river, it's such a simple idea but looks so effective.

bagqueen said...

I was perfectly impressed with what you said in the first place about your sock knitting, I always have great plans for how much I will get done in places like waiting rooms but then I end up people watching and not knitting as quickly!!