Sunday, April 18, 2010

Almost FO: Little Black Jacket

Please accept a Banana, Honey and Pecan Cupcake.

This is to aid the decision-making process.

I have finished my Little Black Jacket except for the buttons and buttonholes.

And I need some help in deciding which direction to take.

This jacket will be worn to work with khaki Bella trousers, airforce blue Bella trousers and anything else that needs smartening up.

Here is a very scruffy photo of the jacket without buttons... and the upstairs sink. Oops.

Basically, it is a single-breasted, shortish jacket made out of black sanded cotton twill, with lots of twin-rowed top-stitching and rounded patch pockets.

At the moment it doesn't have shoulder-pads, but I think I might have to add them to give more structure.

It is lined with black and white polka dot polyester.

And here are my button options, top to button:

  • Black plastic with a slight texture - shanked
  • Brass flowers (vintage) with shell inserts - shanked

Coconut shell with painted black letters - 2 holes

Red plastic as used on my winter coat - 4 holes

Or should I suck it up and order these from Bedecked? (exhorbitant p and p!)


feresaknit said...

I'll just share a bit of button advice from my Great Nan 'There's no point making something and ruining it by scrimping on the buttons'. Although that P&P is outrageous. Can I still have a cake even though I didn't pick?

bagqueen said...

The bedecked ones are nicest but you can't pay more than twice the price of the buttons for postage that's outrageous!!

Of the 4 in the pic I like the coconut shell with letters or the brass flowers but I like buttons to be a feature rather than something that is functional but quietly does the job!! They have to be right though cos they can make or break a garment!! Jacket looks great BTW. x

tea and cake said...

The 'coconut shell with painted black letters - 2 holes' literally jumped out at me. They are your buttons, in my book!

zombiecazz said...

I really like the coconut shell ones. Quirky, but still smart.

zombiecazz said...

definitely the coconut shell ones. Quirky, but still smart.

blue hands said...

I came to this post from the bottom (as I'm catching up after a week online) and before I read your post thought - ooh I like that row of decorative buttons. So how about some non-matching buttons for a bit of funkiness?

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

oh has to be coconut shells for me:) Love the jacket and thanks for the cake:)

tim's wife said...

I like the coconut shell buttons.
Though the ones you'd have to order are nice too, I think the white
ones will provide more contrast.
Your story about FL's car escapade
had me laughing out loud. I had to show Tim that entry. He has also set
a car afire and it was comical but nothing compared to the job FL did.
That would definitely win the grand prize on our "America's funniest videos" show if you had it on tape.

Segwyne said...

I, too, like the Bedecked ones. But have you considered making fabric covered buttons out of scraps of the lining?